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Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.
-Chinese proverb

Working with children in their early years is a unique and rewarding profession that for the right individual is a gift. Coming to work every day and watching young children grow into confident happy individuals because of the care and education we provide through carefully planned play based experiences is truly magical. At Roundabouts Day Nursery all of our team share this same passion and a real love of children and we work hard to ensure that every single child receives the highest standards of care and the best start to their learning and development in order that we can prepare them as fully as possible for their start to school life.

At Roundabouts we take our responsibility to influence every child’s learning seriously. We believe that children are their own best educators and parents their best first teachers, we therefore make every effort to provide the children with choices in their learning and liaison and feedback from parents is absolutely fundamental to this process. These vital early years lay down the pathways on which all future learning is based and we know that all children are capable of making the most progress when parents and practitioners work in partnership.

Our philosophy is based on the theory that children learn through active involvement with their environment, and we place great importance on learning in the great outdoors. Children go outside every single day into our enclosed garden. By providing an enriched and stimulating environment filled with child-initiated, child-directed learning experiences, we offer children the opportunity to learn and grow in a wide range of skills. We know that children learn best by what they experience with all their senses, we therefore aim to incorporate sensory experiences into as much of our learning as possible.

Development is cyclical; therefore, we are sensitive to all of the areas of development. Young children view the world concretely, and as they mature in age, their views mature, also. Developing physical skills lay the foundation for the cognitive abilities needed for reading, writing and arithmetic. By observing how adults and older children use language, young children gradually expand their vocabularies. Environments become richer as they learn to understand others and express their ideas more effectively. As children abilities and self-confidence develop, they become increasingly capable of learning from their mistakes. They also begin to seize the initiative to explore and to take risks. When independence is fostered and they are encouraged to make choices more and more for themselves, then more willingly they will attempt new and increasingly challenging tasks.

Independence is developed through trust; we maintain small classes and low child-key worker ratios. In this environment, children can feel safe and are encouraged to explore not only materials, but also their relationships with peers and adults. Children feel important and valued when others listen to them, seek out their ideas, and allow them to express themselves. They learn that all they do and say is important and has an effect on others. This philosophy underpins everything we do at Roundabouts so if your looking for a good nursery with outstanding aspects then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.